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Many people think of filing federal and state taxes as a necessary task related to accounting for a prior year’s financial activity. Although that’s true, savvy taxpayers know that sound financial planning incorporates tax strategy for the future.

How Much Tax Debt Do You Have?

BC Tax has provided taxpayers in Colorado and nationwide with income and other tax preparation and planning services. Whether you’re located in the Denver area or far beyond, call us when you’re ready to make tax planning an important part of your financial future.

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Should I Use an Online Tax Planning Service?

BC Tax will start our relationship with you with a complimentary consultation. We’ll learn about your income and expenses as well as your goals. As convenient as prompt-driven tax filing programs are, they won’t help you set yourself up for future success. best365娱乐官方登录可以.

For example, if you’re considering starting a business, have you considered what type of entity your new enterprise will be? Corporate tax planning services are one of our specialties.

best365娱乐官方登录可以 help you choose between sole proprietorship, limited liability, partnership and corporate entities. The right entity can help protect business income from excessive self-employment tax while also maximizing deductions.

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Estate Inheritance Planning

Preserving wealth for future generations is a top priority for many individuals, but without the right guidance, inherited assets could be subject to taxation. You’ve worked hard your entire life to build wealth and leave a legacy for your family — isn’t it time you started planning how to protect it for your children?

best365娱乐官方登录可以 help you choose how to structure your assets for optimal wealth preservation. We can complete and file the documents required to form revocable and irrevocable trusts, and we’ll help you understand how your state and local tax laws will affect your legacy regardless of where you live. We can also prepare your tax returns so that you’ll leverage legitimate tax savings strategies while maximizing available deductions and credits.

Tax Preparation and Defense 服务 in Colorado

If you’ve ever been 经审计的, you know how stressful that can be. With expert tax planning and preparation from BC Tax, you can rest assured that we’ll file accurate returns in a timely fashion. And should you become the target of an audit, we’ll prepare and mount a vigorous defense of the accuracy of your return. We can also refile prior year returns if we discover inaccuracies or believe there’s an opportunity to acquire additional tax savings.

When you choose BC Tax for your tax planning and preparation services, you’ll put the stress of dealing with the IRS entirely on us. Why struggle with complicated forms when you can spend time with your family or building your career? Let BC Tax help.


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BC Tax is a leading income and other tax planning firm that has helped individuals and businesses in Colorado and across the United States since 2001. We provide complimentary consultations, access to Senior Tax Consultants and Enrolled Agents and a wealth of strategic guidance that will help you plan for a more secure future.

For more information about BC Tax or to schedule a complimentary consultation, call us at (800) 548-4639 or use our online contact form.

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