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At BC Tax, we’re dedicated to helping our clients reduce their tax debt and stress. Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of individuals and businesses overcome their tax problems, and we’ll work hard to do the same for you. To help you with your tax concerns, we offer a variety of tax debt solutions, and a dedicated BC Tax staff member will walk you through the entire process.

When you choose to work with us, we’ll focus on keeping you informed every step of the way, so you’ll always know the status of your file.

A Team of Experienced Tax Negotiators

We know experience brings confidence and skill, which is why we employ the most experienced tax negotiators around. 我们所有的业务专家和财务顾问都经过培训和认证,可以与美国国税局进行谈判. 我们与美国国税局有着良好的工作关系,这使我们能够为客户建立信誉,并协商出可能的最佳解决方案. 您可以相信,我们经验丰富的团队有足够的知识和技能来满足您的要求.

Our Focus on Providing Solutions

At BC Tax, our team works hard to provide the best solutions to tax problems. 在提出任何建议之前,我们会评估您的情况并帮助您了解您的权利. Then, we’ll work with you to develop a solution you feel comfortable with. To stop collection calls, we’ll take over all communications with the IRS, creditors and state tax authorities. That way, you can breathe and return to your regular life.

Looking for Tax Return and Back Tax Help?

Established over 19 years ago, best365娱乐官方登录是由税务解决领域的顶级专业人士聚集而成, 我们的目标是为客户提供最好的税务服务. 我们建立公司的理念是,如果你把客户放在第一位,就会有更多的客户. The results speak for themselves. 我们已经帮助成千上万的个人和企业解决了他们的税收问题,并在此过程中取得了巨大的增长. We look forward to helping you move toward a bright and prosperous future.

我们的注册会计师、注册税务师和税务专业人员团队是业内最优秀的. Why is our team so important? 因为我们相信,让我们的客户与顶尖的专业人士配对是确保成功的最好方式. Our clients will tell you the same thing. 我们很荣幸能帮助来自世界各地的客户解决他们的税务问题. 日复一日,我们的团队负责帮助这些人恢复他们的生活. That is what BC Tax is about.

Denver’s Leading Tax Resolution Firm

Since our founding 19 years ago, 我们的目标是为客户提供最好的税务服务和解决方案. 我们知道,提供强大的支持和个人至上比其他任何商业策略都能赢得更多的客户. 多年来与我们合作的数千名客户都知道我们解决税收问题的方法的好处. 如果你希望自己的生活在一个没有背税压力的未来, we’ll help you achieve your goal.

When you choose BC Tax, 你会发现一个专家团队,他们已经做好充分的准备来解决你的税务问题. We believe a strong team is built by strong employees. As a result, we hire only the top talent in the tax debt relief industry. Our team is made up of the best tax professionals in the business, including CPAs and Enrolled Agents. Why choose a team-focused tax resolution firm like BC Tax? 因为与顶级税务专家搭档是成功的最佳方式.

如果您仍然对BC Tax不确定,可以考虑我们过去客户的经验. 多年来,我们帮助全球各地的客户找到解决他们税务挑战的方案. 我们的团队成员认为,当我们帮助像你这样的人从税收债务中恢复生活时,一份工作就是成功的.

What Are Enrolled Tax Agents?

When you work with BC Tax to resolve back taxes, fight penalties and liens, stop collection efforts, file updated and accurate returns or solve other tax issues, you will have an Enrolled Agent working on your case. 登记税务代理人是经国税局批准代表纳税人的,他们是一个强大的资源.

登记税务代理人必须通过一项由三部分组成的考试,以评估他们理解企业和个人纳税申报单的能力. 个人也有资格登记代理人身份,如果他们曾直接为美国国税局工作. Either way, 被录取的代理人必须符合继续教育的要求,并遵守严格的道德标准. They are experienced, 有资格的专业人士,有资格帮助处理个人和商业税收.

There is no higher credential with the IRS than that of the Enrolled Agent. 这些专业人士可以处理任何税务事务,并在任何国税局办公室前代表任何纳税人.

Our Tax Relief Programs

收到来自美国国税局或州税务机关的通知可能会让你大吃一惊——尤其是当他们认为你欠了税款. And although you should never ignore a notice from the IRS or your state, 好消息是,这些通知经常包含错误或不准确的信息. If you’re unclear how to proceed, BC Tax can help.

Some of the tax relief services we provide include:

  • Negotiating offers in compromise
  • Negotiating tiered installment agreements that make repayment more affordable
  • Helping taxpayers avoid wage garnishment and asset seizure
  • Appealing enforced collection actions
  • Representing individuals and businesses during audits
  • Winning penalty abatement
  • Protesting transcripts
  • Securing lien discharges and applying for subordinations

The worst thing you can do is ignore a collections notice and hope it will go away. The IRS has the power to garnish your wages, seize money in your bank account, put a lien on your home and more — without a court-ordered judgment.

When you contact BC Tax, 我们将为您提供高级税务顾问的免费咨询,并指派一名登记代理人为您的案件工作. Once we understand the scope of work required, 我们将提供一个全面的计划,停止收集行动,帮助你们重新站起来.

Tax Debt Services

BC Tax has deep roots in the Colorado community. 如果你正在寻找税收债务减免,谈判或解决服务,我们的团队在这里提供帮助. The advantages of working with us include:

  • Flexible hours: 当你在丹佛与一位税务解决专家一起工作时,你不必担心时区问题. 您可以在方便的时候打电话与您的税务专家或登记代理进行沟通.


  • Comprehensive knowledge: Avoid communications challenges when you partner with BC Tax. As a local tax debt relief company, we refuse to outsource work to third parties who don’t get the IRS. 我们丹佛地区业务的税务解决专家了解联邦和州的税收是如何运作的. After all, we live here too.


  • Face-to-face interaction: At BC Tax, 我们了解个人税收问题是如何产生的,以及当你能亲自与你的团队见面时,这对你有多大的帮助. 当您与本地服务提供商(如BC Tax)合作时,您是在与您的邻居合作. 预约参观我们的办公室,亲自看看我们的登记代理人团队和其他税务专家如何为您提供帮助.

Tax Preparation

正确的所得税准备是任何个人或企业财务计划的重要组成部分. 当你需要帮助准备一个准确的回报最大化可用的扣减, credits and offsets, call BC Tax. We can:

  • 无论你住在美国的哪个地方,准备并提交联邦和州的纳税申报单.S.
  • 回顾之前的年度申报表,如果我们认为有不准确或机会最大限度地节省税收,就重新提交
  • Calculate itemized deductions, including those related to real estate, home offices and business-related deductions
  • Prepare returns for individuals and sole proprietors, corporations, partnerships, nonprofits and not-for-profits

Tax Planning

BC Tax解决税务问题,准确申报,同时我们也可以帮助您规划未来. Some of the tax planning services we provide include:

  • 为考虑成立公司或合伙企业的企业主提供建议
  • Estimating income taxes owed for the upcoming year
  • Leveraging changes in federal and state tax laws that can help you save money

Our Accreditations

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